Sunday, 1 January 2012

Romanian orange cake - Tort romanesc cu portocale - Torta rumena con arance

How to make Orange cake:9 yolks,50 gr gelatin,8 oranges,300 gr sugar,500 ml cream,300 ml milk,200 gr biscuits.Milk an gelatin is put on the  steam bath,add yolks,sugar and stir over heat until cream becomes thicker consistency.Allow to cool,then mix with 500 ml beaten cream.In a tin with diameter 30 cm x height 30 cm,put the slices of oranges,pour half the cream then place a layer of biscuits,then the other half of cream and then another layer of biscuits.Put the cake in refrigerator for 6 hours and after that flips the cake to a plate.
This cake weighs about 1.8-2 kg.

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