Thursday, 18 October 2012

Koliva - Coliva

How to make :
1 kg whole wheat,3 liters hot water,350 gr grounded walnut,800 gr icing sugar,3 lemons zest,2 oranges zest,1 vanilla and 1 rom essence,1/2 tsp salt,500 gr breadcrumb,fondant ornaments,candies.
Optional,you can add in koliva cinnamon,or raisins,or almond.
Roast the walnut into the oven for 5 mins.
Wash the wheat and boil on a low heat for 11/2-2 hours,or until the wheat is tender.Add salt and more water as necessary to keep wheat covered while boiling,then add 600 gr sugar.Turn off the heat and combine the wheat with walnut,lemon and orange zest, vanilla and rom essence,300 gr breadcrumbs and stir well. Taste and add more sugar if is needed.Place koliva mix onto two serving plates (25 cm diam each),then place a piece of waxed paper on top and compress well.Take off the wax paper and sprinkle 200 gr breadcrumbs,then sift some icing sugar over the two kolivas. Cover with plastic wrap and evenly press down again and sift remaining icing sugar to make a soft snowy appearance.Decorate with fondant icing sugar flower or silver candies.
For best results,do not sift icing sugar on koliva more than 3 hours before serving.

Cum se face coliva:1 kg  arpacas,3 litri apa fierbinte,350 gr nuca zdrobita,800 gr zahar pudra,coaja de la 3 lamai,coaja de la 2 portocale, 1 lingurita esenta vanilie, 1 lingurita de esenta de rom,1/2 lingurita sare, 500 gr pesmet sau biscuiti macinati,fondante,bomboane,ornamente din pasta de zahar.Optional se poate adauga scortisoara,stafide sau migdale macinate.
Prajesti nuca in cuptor ptr 5 min apoi o zdrobesti.
Speli arpacasul, apoi il pui intr o oala mare ,adaugi toata apa fierbinte si il pui la fiert timp de 1 1/2 ora,pe foc mic.Adaugi sarea si daca e nevoie mai adaugi apa fierbinte.Dupa ce a fiert ,cu 5 minute inainte de a opri focul ,adaugi 600 gr zaharul pudra. Opresti focul si adaugi nuca,coaja de lamaie si de portocala,esenta de rom si cea de vanilie si 300 gr pesmet, amesteci bine si daca mai e nevoie mai adaugi zahar pudra.Asezi coliva pe 2 platouri cu diam de 30 cm,apoi asezi o foaie de hartie de copt/folie plastic peste colive si apoi presezi si netezesti.Presari restul de 200 gr pesmet peste colive si netezesti iar,apoi presari zaharul pudra si ornezi.
Nota : Indicat este ca zaharul pudra sa fie adaugat pe coliva doar cu 3 ore inainte de servire ca sa nu se umezeasca.

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