Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Three colors Corina cake - Prajitura 3 culori Corina

 How to make: mixed berries,cream,eggs,butter,flour,milk,cocoa,white and black chocolate,vanilla,gelatin,sugar.
Sponge cake: 6 eggs,150 gr sugar,120 gr flour,30 gr cocoa,50 gr butter,stir together,fold into a baking tray (20cm x 32cm) and bake into the oven for 30 min, at 150 grade Celsius.
After baking ,cut and divide the sponge base into three parts as shown in photo.
Sauce: Pour onto the sponge cake 10 tablespoons of a sauce made with 100 ml water and 3 tablespoons mixed berries jam.
Cream: 3 yolks,6 tablespoon sugar,6tablespoon milk,stir together on a heat until it becomes thicker.
3 egg whites,3 tablespoons icing sugar mixed together until it becomes thicker.
600 ml cream mixed with egg whites and their yolks cream and than dived this cream into three equal parts.
Purple cream: first part mixed with homemade mixed berries jam and 10 gr gelatin.
White cream: second part mixed with melted white chocolate,vanilla,10 gr gelatin.
Brown cream: third part mixed with dark or milk melted chocolate,10 gr gelatin.
Spread on every part of the sponge cake a part some of each of the creams: brown,white and on top purple cream.
Decorate the cake and allow to cool for 6 hours before cutting.

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