Friday, 30 March 2012

Beans soup - Ciorba de fasole

Ingredients: 500 gr beans,3 carrots,1 parsley,4 sticks celery,4 onions,1 red pepper,1 yellow pepper,1 green pepper,thyme,salt,pepper,2 l water,200 ml tomatoes juice,75 ml oil,1/4 tsp paprika,2 tbs sugar.
Fry for 7-10 mins,in 75 ml oil,the chopped onions, grated carrots,grated parsley,chopped celery and chopped peppers,then boil for 15 -20 mins,add tomatoes juice,salt,pepper,sugar,thyme boil for another 10 mins.Serve with fresh parsley and red onions.
Boil the beans in 2 l water,add the mix of vegetables,then boil for 10 mins,add ch

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