Friday, 28 December 2012

Pollock with mayonnaise and horseradish - Peste alb cu maioneza si hrean - Pesce bianco con maionese e rafano

How to make :
Ingredients: 1 kg Pollock,2 carrots,1 parsley,1 onion,4 potatoes,salt,pepper,750 ml water.
For mayonnaise : 1 yolk egg raw, 1 boiled yolk egg,oil,salt,lemon juice,mustard,1/2 tsp horseradish.Prepare the mayonnaise and at the end add the horse radish and 3 - 4 tbs sparkling water.
Boil the vegetables in water with salt,after 20 mins add the fish,leave to cook for further 10 mins.Drain the vegetables and the fish then arrange on the serving plate,add the mayonnaise allow to coll and serve.

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