Saturday, 5 January 2013

Apricot and cream cake - Tort caise si frisca - Torta all albicocca e panna

This is a light and very good cake. I have this lovely recipe from my mum and thanks mum for it !
My favorite cake ever, which remind me the festive events and moments of my childhood...

Base : 5 eggs,5 tbs water,10 tbs sugar,7 tbs plain flour,3 tbs cocoa powder.
Filling : 3 cans of apricot in juice,300 ml double cream,10 gr gelatin,6 tbs apricot jam.
Covered : 300 ml whipped double cream.
Decoration : slices of desiccated apricot and dark chocolate.
How to make:
Base : Mix together white eggs and water until will become stiff and will doubled in volume,then add sugar little by little until the mixture will be come very thick.Add the yolks and mix well,add sifted flour and cocoa powder and mix gentle with a tablespoon.Pour in to a greased and floured baking try with diameter of 25 cm (or a square baking try 25 cm) .Bake into the oven for 25 - 35 min at 160 Celsius.Allow to cool and cut the base in two equal parts.
Filling : Separate the apricot from the apricot juice and keep the juice to moisture the base. Keep apart a few slices of apricot.
Apricot puree : Blend the apricot well and mix with gelatin powder.
Separate whipped the cream and mix with apricot jam.
On to a serving plate arrange the ring from the baking tray(25 cm) and lay the first part of base,pour 1/2 of apricot juice to moisture the base.Add the apricot puree then the mixture of whipped cream and apricot jam and arrange over the few slices of apricot(which you kept apart).Add the second part of the base,moisture with the rest of apricot juice and allow to cool in fridge for 2 hours.Take out the ring of baking tray.
Cover the cake with 300 ml whipped double cream and decorate with slices of desiccated apricot and dark chocolate.

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