Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Chicken alla Dobrogeana - Tochitura dobrogeana pui - Pollo alla Dobrogeana

Dobrogea is a region of southeastern Romania and this dish is a traditional dish from that region.

How to make:
750 gr chicken breast,75 ml oil,2 tbs plain flour,100 ml tomatoes sauce,2 cloves garlic,salt,pepper,thyme.
Cut the chicken breast in cubes of 2 cm,season well with salt,pepper and thyme,then fry it in 75 ml oil,for 5-7 mins.Add the flour and fry for another 5 mins,add tomatoes juice and cook for further 10 mins.Turn off the heat and add chopped garlic.
Serve with polenta,cheese,cream and pickles.

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