Saturday, 11 February 2012

Apricot cake - Tort caise - Torta al albicocca

How to make:
Base: 5 eggs,10 tablespoons sugar,6 tablespoons flour,4 tablespoons cocoa,5tablespoons water.The recipe for the base is similar with the base at Clown cake or Tetris cake or Carol fondant cake.Cut the base in 2 part ,then from one part cut 1 circle like in photo.
Cream:150 ml apricot juice compote,2 cans apricot compote,100 gr sugar,1/2 vanilla pod,20 gr gelatin,250 gr ricotta or quark cheese,500 gr wiping/double cream,4 tablespoons apricot jam.
150 ml apricot juice compote mix with vanilla and 100 gr sugar on a medium heat for 5 min.Add the gelatin and allow to cool.Add the cheese and mix,then add the beaten double cream.
On a serving plate put the circle from the baking try(25 cm diameter), lay the uncut part from a base ,pour 6 tablespoons of apricot juice,and the little circle cut from one part of base,add 6 tablespoons of cheese cream,the 1/2 apricot,add the rest of the cheese cream,then lay the another part from the base and pour 4 tablespoons apricot jam in the middle and  cover the cake with cream.Allow to cool for 5 hours and decorate with chocolate.

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