Monday, 5 March 2012

Plum dumplings- Gomboti - Galuste cu prune

How to make: 1/2 kg plums,500 gr mash potatoes,2 eggs,200 gr flour,100gr butter,100 gr breadcrumbs,100 gr sugar,vanilla.
Mix the potatoes with eggs and flour and you will have a dough.Roll the dough and cut it in pieces.Take each piece in to your palm and add a plum or a half plum,in the middle trying to make a ball around it out of the dough.Set them on the side.
Separately on a pan melt the butter and fry lightly the breadcrumbs until golden with sugar and vanilla.
In a large pot boil 3 liters water,turn the heat to medium and drop 7- 8 dumplings at a time and boil 15 - 20 min.
Dredge the dumplings through the breadcrumb mix and finish off for 5 mins into the oven at 180 C.
Tips: you can use apricot or peach instead of plums.


  1. Irene ,este desertul meu favorit vaiiiiiiiiiiii,
    Mihaela si Mara

    1. Ma bucur si sa stii ca e si desertul nostru preferat. Sigur intr una din intalnirile noastre o sa l pregatesc !

  2. Vreau sa ti multumesc ptr tort ,dar nu m amprins inca cum scriu pe aici ::)))