Friday, 20 April 2012

Cheese& spinach cubes - Cuburi cu branza si spanac

How to make : 
Base : 6 eggs, 6 tbs boiled spinach,6 tbs oil,6 tbs flour,1 tsp baking soda,4 tbs cream,salt,pepper,mix all ingredients,then pour the mixture into a baking try (28x40 cm).Bake into the oven at 160C,for 20 mins.
Allow to cool.The base is cut in 3 parts.
Filling : 200 gr quark cheese,100 gr grated feta cheese,3 tbs cream,chopped dill,chopped green onions,mix all together.
On first part of the base lay 1/2 of the filling,add the second part of the base,lay the filling,add the last base.Allow to cool for 30 - 40 mins and cut it in cubes.

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