Friday, 11 May 2012

Meatball soup - Ciorba perisoare 1

How to make: recipe is similar with Meatball soup - Ciorba perisoare .

Ingredients : 300 gr mix minced meat,50 gr rice,1 egg,3 onions,3 carrot, 1 parsley,2 red pepper,3 tomatoes,3 potatoes,salt,pepper,fresh parsley,dill,lovage,lemon, borscht,2 liters hot water.
Mix the minced meat with egg,rice,1 chopped onion,2 tbs flour,2 tbs chopped green parsley,salt,pepper,paprika,thyme,then form the meatballs.Set aside,meanwhile make the soup from 2 l water,chopped carrots,parsley,onions,red peppers,potatoes,tomatoes,salt,pepper and/or vegetable stock.On lower heat,boil the meat ball into the soup for 15 - 20 mins,add 500 ml borscht and cook for further 5 mins.Sprinkle some chopped lovage over the borscht. Serve with cream or yogurt and chili peppers.

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