Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Beef borscht - Ciorba de vita

The word "bors" is used in Romania to refer to a kind of sour soup made from fermented wheat bran,which is an important ingredient part of Romanian cuisine. To refer to the traditional borscht made from beetroot,Romanians generally say Russian borscht or Beetroot borscht.

How to make :
Before starting to make Romanian borscht make sure you already have made the main magic ingredient which is Borscht :50 gr corn bran/polenta,150 gr wheat bran,5 gr fresh yeast, liters water.Put the wheat bran and the corn bran together in a large ceramic pot ,5-6 liters.Over this mixture pour the hot water and wait until is colder(room temperature).Put inside the yeast in small pieces and let to ferment for 3- 4 days,at room temperature.The bran is on the bottom of the pot and on the top is a clear liquid with a pale-white tent and sour taste.The power of the sour taste depends on the quality of the bran and yeast and the time it ferment.
If you don't have made borscht you can use lemon juice to give a sour taste to your dish.

Now we can start to prepare Romanian traditional borscht :
600 gr beef meat,3 chopped carrots,2 chopped parsley,1 chopped celery,3 chopped onions,3 chopped peppers,4 potatoes,salt pepper,a small branch of parsley leafs, a small branch of loavage leafs
(Levisticum officinale),2 liters water,500-600 ml borscht.
Cut the meat in small chunks and put into the pot with 2 liters of water.Let to boil on a medium fire, until the meat become tender.Clean the vegetables and chopped (except the potatoes) them in small pieces, and put them into the pot with the meat.Let everything to boil a little longer,about 20 mins.Add the potatoes peeled and cut in pieces and let to boil for another 20 mins. Pour the borscht to give a sour taste and let to boil for 5 mins.Turn on the heat and sprinkle with fine chopped parsley and loavage leafs. You can serve the borscht with red chili and sour cream.

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