Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Meatball with cream - Perisoare cu smantana

How to make:
Ingredients: 300 gr mix minced meat,50 gr rice,1 egg,3 onions,200 ml single cream,4 tbs plain flour,
1 carrot,1 parsley,salt,pepper,paprika,thyme,1 vegetable stock,2 tbs chopped green parsley,1 l water.
Mix the minced meat with egg,rice,1 chopped onion,2 tbs flour,2 tbs chopped green parsley,salt,pepper,paprika,thyme,then form the meatballs.Set aside,meanwhile make the soup from 1 l water,carrot,parsley,1 onion,salt,pepper and/or vegetable stock.On lower heat,boil the meat ball into the soup for 15 - 20 mins.
Into a separate pan, in 2 tbs oil fry 2 chopped onions with 2 tbs flour,add 200 ml from the vegetable soup,then add the cream and the meatball and leave to cook for further 5 mins. Serve with green salad or pickles and polenta .

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