Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mushroom cream soup - Supa crema de ciuperci - Zuppa ai funghi

How to make: Ingredients : 600 gr mushrooms, 1 liter soup(stock soup or can be replace with water ,if you don't have any prepared soup),2 onions,50 gr butter,1 tbs olive oil,50 gr flour,300 ml double cream,salt,pepper.
Chop the onion,melt 30 gr of butter together with olive oil in the pot you choose to prepare the soup in,add the onion and left to simmer for 5 mins,stirring continuously,add 500 gr sliced mushrooms and cook for 15 mins ,add the flour and stir thoroughly until it coats all the mushrooms.Pour the hot soup,stir and boil for 15 mins.Use the blender to puree the soup.Add the cream and bring to a short boil,then season with salt and pepper.
Melt the remaining 20 gr butter in a separate pan and add the rest of the sliced mushrooms,salt and pepper and cook for 3 mins,then add it into the soup.
Serve with brown bread slices toasted in the oven with a hint of garlic.

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