Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dobos almond & walnut cake - Tort Dobos cu migdale si nuci - Torta Dobos con mandorle e noci




How to make:
Glaze: 150 gr sugar, 1 tbs butter,1 tbs lemon juice.
Filling: 3 eggs,12 tbs sugar,100 gr milk and dark chocolate,1 tbs cocoa, 1 tbs rum flavor,10 gr gelatin,175 - 200 gr butter,100 gr chopped walnut.
Sheets: 500 gr plain flour,100 gr ground almond/walnut,2 tbs honey,2 eggs,2 tbs double cream,100 ml milk,200 gr sugar,1 tsp baking soda.
Sheets: mix all ingredients and roll out 5 sheets with diameter of 25 cm.Preheat the oven to 160 C.Bake each sheet for 8-10 mins.Set aside.Cut one sheet in 8 parts like in photo.
Filing : Mix the eggs with sugar on a steam bath,until the mixture became thick,stir in cocoa and the chopped chocolate until melted.Turn off the heat,add gelatin,rum flavoring.Leave to cool for 20 mins, add butter and mix well.
On a serving plate lay one sheet,add 2-3 tbs of the filing and sprinkle over some chopped walnut,lay another sheet and so on until the last one.
Glaze: caramelize a little bit the sugar,add butter and lemon juice.Turn on the heat.
On a baking tray lay the sheet cut in 8 parts,pour over the glaze and some chopped walnut.Allow to cool ,then arrange the cut sheets over the cake and sprinkle over vanilla icing sugar.

Happy birthday Bia !!! La multi ani Bia !!!

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